Welcome to the
Eugene Christmas Light Show

UPDATE 12/31/2015

This is very upsetting.
Last night, Dec 31 at 4:28 AM
Some guy came to my house and stole
my lighted R2D2.

I can’t believe that I spent so much time working to create this show. I spend so much money to make sure people enjoy some nice Christmas lights. I am sorry, I am very very angry right now. That R2D2 cost me $70 dollars. I re-wired it for the show.
This isn’t right.
The person that stole it better return it or I am posting the video online and I am calling the Police.

Update # 2 January 2, 2015
I took down the display real fast. I can’t afford for this guy to keep stealing from me. It took me 5 hours 15 minutes.
Guest what. While i was putting away my last item, I got tangled in an extension cord, fell backwards and hit my head with the concrete.
End of story...I got a busted neck and a skull fracture. I am supposed to be resting for a few days. I can’t spent too much time looking at TV screens or computer monitor or i get a headache. I am loopy and I feel I need to puke all the time. We are not sure yet if i have permanent neurological damage from this “traumatic brain injury” , as my ER doctor called it.
all this, just because some guy decided to steal a $70 Christmas decoration.

If that guy ever reads this posting...
I hope you are very proud of yourself. Prepare for the Karma buddy.

The Show is cancelled as of tomorrow.

2015 Show will be on the day after Thanksgiving.
I may even have a Halloween show too.

I am not kidding.

Thank you for all for your emails
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year 2015.